The premiere opens one month following Gal and Regan's wedding and the events following the fifth set finale. It is revealed that Regan and Marlo have engaged in an affair behind Gal's back. Things worsen as Gal tells him she would like to have a baby. Alton begins to notice that his sister is acting funny what with her going in and out in the middle of the night. The kicker is that Marlo and Gal are supposed to be the best of friends. Ida's pregnancy is in full swing and she and Janis are happy as ever. Iris is jealous as Roeper and Penelope begin dating. Neve and Alton also find having Cain in the house taxing. Iris then gets the idea that if she dats Cain, Roeper will get jealous.

Charis returns from a vacation with a new man hanging off her arm, Chip Hallworthy. Chip is everything Charis appears to want and need right now: single, slightly older, wealthy and he seems to like her. The only kicker is that Chip is a widower... four times over. However, Charis is blinded by her utter attraction and love for Chip. Vera and Beck have begun dating but are taking it slow. His relationship with Vera seems to have brought Beck out of his funk and he is getting over Gladys. Neve and Alton also seem to be happy with baby Maxine. Reed and Pru recieve a suprise when Pru's brother, Geronte Likasu and his daughter Anca come for an extended visit.

Kendra reveals that Carlton, Billie, Guy, Karina and the kids are all doing well and settling into their new town. When Marlo goes out one night for a liason with Regan Alton decides to follow her and catches Regan and Marlo in the act. He is devestated and hurt by his sister's betrayal of her best friend. Iris puts her plan into effect and asks Cain out, he accepts. How High School! Charis then introduces Chip around town and when her friends hear that he has been married and widowed four times they become a little suspicious. When asked how his wives died, Chip gets defensive. Beck then comes home to his mother, Paula, telling him that she dis-approves of his relationship with Vera and tells him it's dis-repectful to Gladys's memory.

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