The finale begins with the wedding of Regan Lillian and Gal Sharp-Lillian. The ceremony goes flawlessly and Kendra is happy. She is saddened though as her son, daughter-in-law and grand-children pack up and leave shortly following the event. Guy and Karina tells their family and friends they will give their best to Billie and Carlton. Roerper and Tabitha gain closure on their relationship and decide that it was simply a phase. Iris, then gets up the courage to ask Roeper to dance, but spots him dancing with Penelope, she then becomes angry. However, Roeper's dance is cut short as Neve goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital. Ida and Janis then announce that they're expecting a child, Floyd, Gillian and Iris are elated.

Regan and Gal seem ahppy until, Marlo arrives back in town and Regan immediately begins to have second thoughts about the marriage. He then tells Reed who tells Regan that he has made a vow to Gal and should see it through... at least for a while and that he should hold off on children until he is sure. Neve gives birth to a daughter who she and Alton name Maxine after her deceased father, Max. However, just then word arrives that her other father, Gregg has passed away and she and Alton ahve been entrusted to care for her teenage cousin, Cain. Vera is happy to ahve her daughter back in her life. Penelope tells Vera she has missed her and is sorry for missing so much.

Vera then recieves an offer to go out on a date by a man: Beck. Vera is at first hesitant, but after some nudging form her daughter accepts the offer. Charis then decides that she is done with her gold-digging power hungry ways and begins her search for a man who will love her and be with her. A funeral is held for Gregg with only Kendra, Wendy, Floyd, Gillian, Paula, Neve, Roeper, Oliver and Cain in attendance as a small ceremony. Oliver tells Neve he loved her father very much but is moving back home with his sister and that she and Alton can have their huge home, with more room for their now big family. That night Regan goes to speak to marlo about his marriage, only to kiss her instead.

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