Part nine begins with Al leaving town and Vera saying that she is finished with him and that when she finds Penelope, he will be out of their lives forever. Guy and Karina then recieve startling news when Terry and Cari announce that they are moving out of town. cari and Terry are going to move so Cari can be closer to Carlton, her brother, whom she misses. Guy and Karina then have an argument with their son about this and tell him that he and Cari aren't even married and that he is putting her family above his. Terry tells his parents he loves them and Eleanora and Myra but that he also loves Cari and her being happy makes him happy. Guy then goes to complain to his mother, who tells them that now he knows how she and Andre felt when he and Karina left with Kline and Roberta.

Alton and Neve begin to notice Roeper's behavior becoming more erratic since they made him break up with Tabitha . They tell him even though he and Tabitha arent't really related, as Marnie was adopted, it is still weird and gross. He apologizes and tells them all he and Tabbitha ever did was kiss a few times and make out. Charis then calls the adoption service who track down Penelope and agree to return her to Vera's custody. Ida and janis then reach another crossroads in their attempt to be parents: which one will carry the child? Janis tells Ida how scared she is to become pregnant so Ida agrees to do it and they begin their journey to become parents as ida becomes pregnant.

Regan and Gal continue to plan their wedding. Reed then pulls his brother aside and asks him if this is what he really wants. Regan tells reed that they will aging into adults soon and he wants a family just like him. Reed tells him he can have that but he has to make sure Gal is the right woman for him. Regan assures his brother that she is. Charis is present when the adoption agency reunites Vera with her teenage daughter, Penelope. Vera is happy as is Penelope. Then Charis has her own break down and calls Rudy pleading him to let her see Athina, to no avail. Guy and Karina then make a hasty announcement, they are taking Eleanora and Myra and oving along with Terry and Cari.

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