Part eight begins with Al Castawat arriving in Ribbon Heights. Charis has him meet her at a local bistro so they can talk. He initially thought he was called to town for a business merger, however, when Charis begin prying about his past with Vera he becomes angry. Charis stops him from causing a scene and tells him that Vera lives here now and that she cares about hr and only wants to know the truth so she can help her. Just then Vera walks by and sees Al, she runs away in utter fear. Regan and Gal then announce their engagement to their friends and family. Kendra is amazingly happy and begins planning the wedding and books the socila club for the ceremony. Guy warns Regan to be careful and not break his sisters heart.

Reed then sees Roeper and Tabitha together and confronts them about their relationship and asks why they are keeping it so secretive. They believe their reason is silly but tell him anyway. Roeper and Tabitha have been keeping their romance on the down low due to the fact that Tabitha is slightly older than him and is his adoptive second cousin. Reed then tells them that he thought about that and advises they end their relationship before things get too weird, as Iris watches from afar. Karina is then forced to spend a lot more time with Gal and Kendra during the wedding planning but drags her daughters along as well. Ida and Janis then decide to inseminate ti ahve children. They decide they only want one child.

Charis then talks to Vera and explains that she onyl brought Al to town because she wanted answers on how to help her get over the death of her daughter. Al then butts in and tells her that their daughter, Penelope, is not dead she is alive. Charis is happy for Vera, who had known all along. When she left Al, because she didn't love him, he took custody of Penelope away and sent her away into foster care as revenge for her leaving him. Charis then sees the kind of monster Al is and tells him to leave. Charis then vows to help Vera find Penelope and bring her back. Vera thanks her and tells her she is a good person, has Charis changed?Roeper then invites Marnie and Rupert over and tells his parents to come down stairs. He and Tabitha then reveal their relationship. All parents are disgusted with the union and force the kids to break up.

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