Part seven begins with Charis comforting Vera about her deceased daughter. However, Charis believes there is more to the story that Vera is letting on. Alton and Neve then begin transforming their office into a nursery. Neve then begins to notice Roeper's strnage behavior and begins thinking that he doesn't want another child in the house. his is actually due to his secret relationship with Tabitha.

While Shopping downtown together Gal, out of no where, tells Regan that she wants to get married. Regan is shocked and in dis-belief and tells her he just isn't ready to get married yet. She then leaves him, upset. Ida then sees her sister, Iris, spying on someone in the park. She talks to her and confesses that she likes Roeper, but that he's dating Tabitha.

Karina then goes to help Neve with the nursery while Alton is out looking for Roeper. She becomes emotional when she sees Neve pregnant. Neve then comforts her and tells her that she has three loving children. Guy is comforting Gal who is heartbroken. Regan then arrives and admits that he was wrong and drops on his knees and asks Gal to be his wife, she happily accepts.

Alton then asks Reed if he has seen Roeper. Reed knows he is with Tabitha, but covers for him, telling Alton that he hasn't seen him. Charis then investiagtes more into Vera's past and discovers her ex-husband's name, Al Castaway and persuades him to come to town.

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