Part six opens with Charis investigating why Vera seems emotional around children. She invites all the girls over for coffee (Karina, Ida, Janis, Neve, Pru and Gal) along with Vera. Charis quickly shifts the topic of conversation to children and raising them. Though Ida brings up Athina, Charis ignores her comment and observes Vera's reaction and noties how she withdraws from the conversation, confimring her suspicions that something is up.

Reed then calls Tabitha over to watch Walden as he, Regan and Rupert go out with Beck and catch up and bond, trying to cheer him up. Beck remains saddened and upset. After leaving Charis's Neve begins to wonder if she will be as good a mother to the baby as she is to the now teenage Roeper. Alton welcomes her home and tells her that she will be an even better mother because now she and Alton are together and they will love the child.

Reed and Pru arrive home at the same time and walk in on Tabitha and Roeper, making out. The teens plead for Reed and Pru to keep their escapade a secret. Reed and Pru promise but tell Tabitha next time she baby-sits... NO BOYS. Charis notices that Vera leaves upset and goes after her and asks her what is wrong. Vera tearfully tells her she once had a daughter, who died. Charis then feels guilt ridden and higs Vera. Though she knows the truth, she feels there is more.

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