Part five begins with Charis observing as someone new moves in on the upper penisula of town, near Templeton Manor; the wealthy part of town. She goes over and meets the new neighbor, Vera Castaway. Vera is revealed to be just getting over a divorce form her now wealthy ex-husband. She claims to have recieved a big settlement from the split and wanted a fresh start. She has no children. Charis welcomes her and introduces her to the others who elcome her and they quickly become friends.

Shortly after meeting Vera, Neve gets sick and it is revealed that she is pregnant again. She and Alton are elated at the news, as are Gregg and Wendy. Regan and Gal's romance blossoms all over again and he apologizes for all the lsot time and all the excitement they missed as a couple. Kendra is also happy with the pairing. Regan tells Beck, who is still utterly depressed over Gladys's death. Regan attemots to console his father, onyl to have him reject him.

Guy and Karina then tells Terry that they feel Cari is pushing them out of his life. Terry reassures them that he would never allow her to do such a thing. Ida and Janis then contemplate having kids themselves after hearing of Neve's pregnancy. They then try to decide between insemination or adoption. Gillian appears less that thrilled about the idea. Reed and Pru then decide to move back into the newly renovated Telfair-Lillian home with Beck, hoping they can cheer him up.

Charis and Vera then walk home together, when Charis sees Vera look over at a mother and daughter sadly, she begins to wonder that Vera is hiding something and sets out to prove what it is.

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