Part three begins with a birthday party, for Terry. He ages into a young adult and Guy and Karina re as proud as ever. Eleanora and Myra are present as is their friends and family. Cari also ages. Regan, dazed and confused, meets a guy at the party and thinks that he might be gay and decides that this guy, Sam Fult, is the one he wants to kiss to see if he's gay or not. So they get to talking and Regan asks him to hang out later. Adia finds raising a child, alone at such a young age to be tasking. She then begins to notice her relationship with Henri suffering as a result of it. Henri, tries his best to be there for Adia but despite his initial want for children appears to be dis-interested by parenting.

Paula and Charis face off again for Chair-Person of the Social Club. Charis, who loathed Paula for marrying her father and blames her for his death, does all she can to get Paula to take her bid for the poition out. Paula then asks Charis why she has always hated her so much and Charis snaps back that it's because "Everyone loves you!" This shocks Paula. She then sees Charis for who she really is: a sad, insecure girl who has been afraid to hold on to anything real in her entire life. Charis tries to hold it together but breaks down and Paula comforts her once step-daughter. Ida and Jansi put their relationship on the fast track and decide to move in together.

Alton and Neve then decide to throw a BBQ, for their wedding, Georgia's birth and to celebrate life. It allows the friends to re-connect and catch up with each other. When Adia tells henri that she has to leave early to check on Georgia he tells her to relax. Adia then realizes that Henri doesn't care about Georgia, but she does... more than Henri and she dumps him. She goes to her daughter and takes her to Gladys's grave and they visit with grandma. Guy and Karina then help their son as he moves into his own place, with his girlfriend, Cari. Gregg also remarks how time flies. He then decides to go see someone, Ron and give him an update on his children. Despite their background the men have a civil meeting.

Paula then allows Charis to have the position as she sees it as a way for Charis to seek redemption for her past actions. Adia, then sees all her friends happy and in love. She then tells Her father that though she is happy he moved here to be with her, it's time she returned the favor and tells him that she wants "to go home." Wilbur agrees, they pack up and leave Ribbon Heights and go home to Old Town, where Adia grew up.

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