Part two begins with the birth of Adia's daughter, Georgia. However, she gives her daughter the last name Telfair, in honor of her fallen mother. Henri is present at the birth and Neve is shocked when she sees the two share a kiss. Neve becomes jealous again but withholds her anger, not wanting to ruin Adia's special day. Wilbur is happy to have a grand-daughter. Neve then tells Alton about Adia and Henri. Alton then remakrs that Adia certainly has a thing for Neve's ex-boyfriends. He and Neve then share a lugh and have a family lunch with their son. Ida introduces Janis to her family who are happy she is finally finding time to have a personal life. Guy and Karina then realize that their happy family will soon become smaller as Terry approaches young adult-hood and fast.

Regan then begisn to ponder why he has such little luck with women and why he is always getting his heart broken. He then wonder if maybe that's the problem: women. He begins to question his sexuality and goes to see Gregg about the matter. Gregg tells him the onyl way he can be sure if wheter or not he's gay is to kiss a guy. Reed and Pru then discover how hard Marlo's job was as they are forced once again to care for their son. They then rezlize that they have been missing out on the best parts of parentg and vow to spend more time with Walden. With Gladys's death Paula decides that she should take up the position of Chair-Person at the social club, only to discover that Charis has beat her to the punch.

Rupert and Marnie then finally age into Elders as Tabitha ages into a teenager. They recieve word from Tricia who is doing good. Adia then takes Georgia to see Harlon, her father. He is happy to meet his daughter and tries to apologize to Adia. She tells him that this is the first and last time he will ever see Georgia and she won't allow him to corrupt their lives like he did the city. Beck's depression worsens. This prompts a visit from Billie and Carlton who return for only a short time. Billie has a heart to hear with Beck, who confesses that he has only loved one other girl in his entire life, Elsie. Billie then tells him that he will find someone else and Gladys would hate to see him like this. Carlton and Billie then catch up with their friends before leaving again.

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