The Premiere opens with the funeral of Gladys Telfair Barcroft Urschel Kell Lillian. Everyone attends, and appears grieft stricken. Adia is deeply saddened by her death and is shocked when her father, Wilbur, appears for the funeral. He apologizes for lying to her for her entire life and keeping Gladys from her. Wilbur informs Adia that after the truth came out Petunia, his wife and Adia's step-mother, left him. He then tells Adia that he is moving back to Ribbon Heights and would love it if she would come live with him. Though she is angry with her father, she accepts the offer and decides it will be good for her and the baby. She is also keeping her romance with Henri, on the down low.

Alton and Neve then later announce to their friends, after the funeral, that they have married. Everyone is overjoyed and elated to hear that they have finally tied the knot. Paula tries to console a depressed Beck, who has sunk into a deep, deep depression. Reed and Regan also try to get their father to come to terms with Gladys's death. Guy and Karina are slo saddened by Gladys's passing but are happy to have a loving and big family. Eleanora quickly begins fitting in with Terry and Myra. Ida then goes back to her first love, cooking, and begins working back in the culinary career and quickly meets someone, Janis Waldorf, the two quickly begin a romance.

Kendra, Wendy, Gregg, Floyd, Gillian and Paula then gather at the cemetary and reminice about Gladys, Derek, May and Andre and remember all the fond times and drama they had together. They all then come to the realization that soon enough they will be joining their friends. Charis is then shown in utter disarray up at Templeton Manor. She, like many others, is depressed but not over Gladys over the sad state that her life is in right now. She then goes to see Ida in attempt to make ammends, only to have ida rebuff her and reject what she labels as "stunts" to make herself feel better about ow much of a bitch she is.

Regan then tells his brothers, Rupert and Regan that he plans to propose to Marlo. However, as he goes to see her she tells him that she has quit her job and is leaving town in search of adventure. She leaves, telling regan she loves him and will be back someday. However, her sudden departure effectively ends their relationship and Regan is heartbroken. Just then Adia goes into labor.

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