The finale begins with, Gladys inviting the whole neighborhood to her dinner party. She is curious when Alton and Neve decline. However, she then puts the plan into effect and as night falls the guests begin to arrive. Guy and Karina then have a heart to heart and consider adopting another child. Karina tells him that she would be all for it, but is just afraid. She's afraid that something will happen like with Terry the first time. Guy reassures her that they can weather it, together. Adia then runs into an old friend on the street and she accepts a date with him. Despite the fact that she is modeling a baby bump and he just got dumped. The mystery man: Henri.

Ida stops by the Templeton Compound on her way to Gladys's dinner party. She lets all of her anger out at Charis. She tells Charis that she (Ida) has only become stronger and a better person through all their plots and schemes. She then tells Charis that she actually feels sorry for her, but that she has no one to blame for the sorry state of her life, but herself. Charis holds strong and reassures Ida that she is better than her. Ida, finished with Charis, leaves, After she leaves Charis breaks down, realizing the truth in Ida's accusations. She blames herself for the dissolution of her happy marriage, the loss of her daughter and her mother's untimely death.

At the dinner party, everyone is mingling and the plan is put into effect. Gregg tries to talk to Gladys before they bring Eleanora out but she ignores him. Upon seeing Eleanore, Pierre fraks out. Rupert, Regan, Reed and Beck all stop him from leaving. Marnie and Tricia then demand answers about his wives and Eleanora. Pierre then tells them. Pierre married his first wife, Paris, because he felt he had to. Shortly after marrying her he discovered that he was in fact gay. When paris found out she had an affair which resulted in Eleanora's birth. Making her not Pierre's daughter. They stayed married because of Pierre's wealthy family's public image. However, embarassed by her affair and love child Pierre killed Paris and her lover.

A year later he forcefully re-married to Ivanna. However, she soon discovered his homosexuality and threatened to out him to the public. Asa result he killed her as well. When he killed Ivanna he made it look like Eleanora died as well, but actually sent her away. He then met and married Tricia, who fell in love with him. Reed had read about the theories on Pierre but kept them secret as Tricia appeared happy. Pierre is then freaked and in order to secure his secret, sets the house ablaze. Most of the guests make it out, except for Pierre and Gladys, who are killed in the fire. Gregg then runs to Beck and tells him that he tried to tell Gladys that he though Pierre was gay when he met him. Tricia then leaves Ribbon Heights in search of a new start.

While all that is happening Alton and Neve marry in their small intimate ceremony. Just as it ends they see the fire and go running to find their friends. Guy and Karina then make a rash decision and see Eleanora as the solution to their problem and since she is an orphan they decide to adopt her as their third child. The town is then left in emotional shambles after learning that Gladys has died.

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