Part nine kicks off with Karina and Guy blissfully falling back in love and regaining the balance in their lives. Adia finds pregnancy to be taking it's toll on her. She soon loses her job at the grocery store due to her constant vomit trips and tiredness. Gladys and the family find it difficult to hide eleanora, who is asking questions, from Tricia and Pierre. Eventually Tricia demands to know what is going on and is introduced to Eleanora. She is shocked when she learns that Pierre has lied to her. She tries to storm off to confront him, but her grand-mother stops her and informs her that they can use Eleanora to trap Pierre into confessing his past at a dinner party she is hosting in a week.

Charis then puts her plan into effect and allows the photo of the male myystery sim groping her in her office circulate around the city. Ida is then questioned as they thought she was a lesbian and a commitment person. She is relieved of her position as Mayor and a new one from out of town is to be appointed to the position. Ida is then devestated and relizes that she and Charis will continue to feud until one of them eventually dies and realizes that she lost Willa due to the matter. She goes to confront Charis but walks away, holding her anger and resentment in. Regan and Marlo continue to date and Marlo tells Regan that she thinks they should "take a break."

When Reed and Pru learn that Elanora is in town, they appear to be freaked and are visible scared for Tricia's safety. Rupert then demands to know what Reed knows. Reed and Pru then runn ff to their home and lock their doors and windows. Alton and Neve's wedding is all set to go. However, yet againCarlton and Billie, are unable too attend and send a gift for the happy couple. A small funeral is held for Haleigh. Armand and Elsie return for the event as does their teenage son, Chet. Armand has a stern discussion with his sister about her behavior, while Elsie visits with her brother, Floyd and sister, Kendra. She and Beck also spend some time together and she tells him that she will always love him, despite they ended up with other people.

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