Part eight begins with Adia telling her family about her pregnancy and how she has decided to keep the baby. Kline and Roberta then arrive in town and attempt to talk some sense into Karina. She becomes emotional again and tells them about how she can't have anymore children. They sympathize and tell her that she shouldn't throw her marriage away because of some bad news. She tells them it's what her mother would have done. Kline then tells her that May would never leave him and be so selfish. He tells Karina that May would in fact, be disappointed in her right now. Karina then tells them to leave, which they do. Marlo and Regan then learn to relax after discovering that Marlo is not pregnant.

Rupert then gets confrontal when he talks to Reed and demands asnwers. Just as Reed is about to confess what he knows to Rupert about Pierre, Gladys returns, which a child... a girl. The girl is Eleanora du Gard, Pierre's long thought dead daughter. Gladys then decides that they will hide Eleanora in their home and suprise Pierre with her and forcing him into a confession as to what he has done and why. Rupert agrees and Reed appears to be off the hook. Neve then learns of Adia's pregnancy and before she can learn more, suspects that Alton is in fact the father. She confronts him and he tells her that he and Adia never did anything and that she lied, remember? Adia later tells Neve herself, that Harlon is the father.

Ida then begins investigating as to whom Charis was talking to the other day up at Templeton Estate. She then later sees the man enter her office at City Hall as he makes a pass at her. Ida rejects but before her rejection can be seen Charis pops in and snaps a photo and then runs off. Ida goes after her, but doesn't catch up. She later tells Will, who decides she's done with the political drama and dumps Ida and leaves Ribbon Heights. Karina then does some serious thinking and decides that perhaps her marriage to Guy is more important than feeling alive. She goes to him and asks for a reconciliation, he happily agrees and the family is reunited. Wendy is then suprised when Ivan pays a visit, but bearing bad news, Haleigh has died. He then goes to tell Charis.

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