Part seven begins with Kendra returning to town earlier than anticipated. Upon hearing of her son's impending divorce she tries to talk to Karina and convince them to reconcile. Gal later tells her how she and Guy tried to have another child, but learned that Karina can't. She then tells her of the affair and after effects. Kendra then decides that only one person can help Karina: Kline. She calls him and he and Roberta are en route to town.

Tricia then comes over to Rupert and Marnie's one night after a fight with Pierre over nothing. Rupert then begins to fear for his daughter's safety and when Pierre stops by to try and reconcile Rupert tells him to keep his distance. Alton and Neve then decide to have the wedding in the park, at dusk, in two weeks. Wendy then returns to town as well upon hearing of her step-son's engagement and Kendra's return. Regan and Marlo's romance then hits a snage when they suffer a pregnancy scare.

Pierre is then seen confronting Reed by Marnie, who then becomes suspicious that Reed does indeed know something and is hiding it from her and Rupert. Ida then restabelizes her status in office and tries to dig up what she can to have Charis arrested. Charis is then seen talking to a mysterious young woman at the Templeton Compund. Adia then goes to see Harlon in prison and tries to gain closure on their relationship, and to tell him, she's pregnant.

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