Part six begins with Guy contemplating a divorce from Karina. Terry expresses his sorrow for his adoptive father but tells him he needs to follow his heart. Alton and Neve then juggle with the idea of living together again and wondering if they should get re-engaged. Alton is all for them becoming a family again, but, Neve appears hesitant as a result and fall out from their last wedding attempt. Adia then tries to sort out all of the issues going on in her life.

Karina then tries to talk to Guy and explains by telling him that she told him about the idea. He responds by saying that when he wasn't interested in the idea that it was supposed to go off the table. Karina tells him that she needs to feel alive and free. Guy then settles their arguing, by asking for a divorce. Tricia then tries to analyze what Pierre could have meant when he said he "needed" her. Needed her for what?

Regan then gets up the courage to ask Marlo out. She is suprised but accepts the offer. Reed and Pru make their discontent about the scenario known as they feel that if it doesn't work out they will lose Marlo as a nanny. Rupert then stops by and asks Reed if when Tricia married Pierre did he ever mention his previous spouses and/or daughter. Reed tells him no. Alton, on a whim, re-proposes to Neve. She accepts but tells him they want a small wedding: parents and siblings only... and Roeper.

Charis blows the whistle on Mayor Ida living with her girlfriend and not being married. Her lesbianism is again scrutinized and called into question. Charis is cooking something big... but what?

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