Part five begins with Gladys leaving on her investigation expedition. Rupert and Marnie try to persudae their daughter into leaving Pierre but she tells them she plans on staying with him. Guy then begins to fear that Karina will cheat on him with her new found sense of living in the moment and freedom. He begins following her around and even almost gets fired from work. Reed and Pru then help Marlo move into their house and allow her to start getting to know Walden. Regan is heartbroken over his break up with Gal and begins looking for a place to live, again. Adia then goes to see Alton and apologizes for her behavior and tries to make ammends. Just then Neve notices them and thinks the worst.

Ida and Willa's romance then take their relationship to the next level as they move in together. Charis then begins going through money as fasy as she usually does. She then has to formulate a functional plan to get back at Ida. Guy then takes Myra for a walk as Terry is out with Cari and to his utter shcok spots Karina kissing an un-known man. Adia then runs off and attempts to explain herself to Neve and tries to make some final ammends with her. Neve later comes around and accepts her appology and goes to see Alton. She and Alton have along and lengthy talk, which ends in a passionate embrace. Reed and Pru enjoy their quiet time with Marlo working for them.

Regan then arrives on Reed and Pru's doorstep and asks for a place to stay, they allow him to stay with them. He quickly becomes infatuated with Marlo. Charis then arrives in Ida's doorstep and tells her she had better watch out as she has something big in store for her. Meanwhile, Tricia continues to dig up what she can on her husband, she fingts her love for him with her desire to know what he is hiding. Guy then confronts Karina about her lover, who turns out to be Henri, Neve's ex-boyfriend. He then tells her to get out and he wanrs a separation. she happily leaves.

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