Part four opens with Ida confronting Charis and demanding to know who she sold the land to. Charis tells her not to ask. She then subtyl tells her she should ask Adia, a clue Ida doesn't get. Alton, Reed, Pru, Regan, Beck and Gladys are then called over to Paula's as she and Ambrose marry in a backyard ceremony. Alton then runs into Neve on his walk home and demands that they speak. He tells her that he still loves her and that Adia is a liar. Neve responds by telling him she doesn't know what to believe.

Ida then speaks to Adia and trys to bring up the land sales in conversation, however, Adia knows nothing about it. Just then it hits Ida, it's not Adia... it's Harlon. Ida then has Harlon arrested and when Adia discovers this she breaks up with Harlon and is embarassed for being oblivious to the whole thing. She then decides she needs to make ammends. Regan tries to reconcile with Gal. She tells him that she didn't see a future anyway. Alton asks Marlo if she needs a place to stay since their mother is now gone and their home is for sale.

Marlo informs Alton that she has accepted a nanny position for Reed and Pru, who have been having difficulty juggling Walden and work. Guy is happy to see his wife happy again. He learns that Terry and Cari have reconciled as well. He is then shocked when Karina announces that she thinks that she and Guy should have "flings", to enhance their own chemistry. He is turned off by the idea. However, will Karina still go through with it.

Tricia then asks Pierre what happened to his wives and daughter, only to have him shut off from the conversation. She threatens to leave him, until he shrieks for her not to and claims that he needs her. She decides to stay but tells her family. Gladys then tells her she will be leaving town for a while to investigate.

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