Part two begins with Rupert and Marnie throwing a welcome home party for Tricia and Pierre. Rupert then expresses his concerns about Pierre to Marnie, who tells him he is still just upset that Tricia has married. Reed and Pru arrive to also show off their newborn son, Walden. Rupert then pulls his brothers, sister, mother and step-father aside and addresses his concerns about Pierre. They then vow to help him.

Alton still holds his grudge for Adia. He tries to get in touch with Neve and fears for her safety and their love. Even after his threat of divorce Karina continues her spiral into her deepening depression. Guy takes Terry and Myra to the party and leaves a lonely Karina on her own. Karina is then suprised when Wendy comes over and speaks to her. Wendy tells her that she is stronger than this and that she has half of her mother, May, in her and she would hate to see her being so weak.

Ida then suffers under serious criticism as she has yet to discover who Charis sold all the land to. Un-beknownst to her it was Harlon DuBois, who decides to rekindle his romance with Adia. Charis then falls into dispair herself. She vows revenge on Ida for ruining her marriage and losing her daughter. She then breaks off her short-sighted romance with Hunter, and begins forming a new plan. After they each speak to Pierre Rupert's family discovers he had 2 wives and a daughter who all mysteriously died.

Guy and Gal are then called away after news that their father, Andre, has died.

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