Part nine begins with Ida telling Floyd that she has proof of Charis being un-fauthful and engaging in an affair with Hunter. Floyd tells her that they need to play the information out in order to beat Charis, who has already sold off half of Ribbon Heights. Reed and Pru revel in the news of her pregnancy and begin setting up a nursery. However, Regan arrives and asks if he can come live with them as he couldn't afford the bills on his place, they agree.

Guy begins to fear that his marriage to Karina will soon fall to pieces as she begins shutting herself off from the world after hearing she can never have another baby. He tells Gal, who tries her best to bring her sister-in-law out of her funk, to no avail. Terry then begins thinking Cari is the problem and dumps her. Alton and Neve make final wedding arrangements and prepare to finally reunite in marriage.

Gladys then vows to help Adia win Alton back. She hatches a plan by having Adia seduce Alton after the wedding and then she tells Adia the story of Regan and Reed's coming to be, meaning that she plans on having Adia fake a pregnancy if she doesn't become pregnant. Regan quickly notices that he is becoming a problem at Reed and Pru's and asks Gal if he can stay with her, she happily agrees.

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