Part eight opnes with Karina breaking down in tears as she realizes that she can no longer have children. Guy, Terry and a small Myra try to comfort her. Adia's neediness continues to dwell and take it's toll on Harlon. Her clingy-ness then leads to him dumping her. Devestated, Adia then sets out with a plan to win Alton back, at all costs. Gal tells Kendra that she needs to back off her romance with Regan unless she wants their relationship to be like hers with Guy.

Reed and Pru are now happily reunited and back together. Guy then tells Karina that they can always adopt again if she wants another child so badly. She rejects the option and quickly begins to withdraw from the world around her. Adia then goes to see Alton, in attempt to seduce him. Her plan fails as Alton rejects her advances and she leaves upset. He tells Neve who then confronts Adia and a catfight ensues. Gladys breaks it up.

Charis then embarks upon an affair with her assistant, Hunter. Ida catches them making out in Chari's office and plans to use it against her, after she discovers Charis's criminal ties. Reed and Pru then discover that they are pregnant! Alton then asks his friends to attend his wedding regardless of how Adia feels. They agree and send their RSVP's. Glayds then asks for an explanation from Adia. Adia tells her eveything. To her shock, Gladys vows to help Adia in her ploy to get Alton back.

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