Part seven begins with Neve and Alton making wedding plans. Neve goes out of her way to try and get in contact with Adia to make ammends and mend their relationship. Alton and Neve then find that Adia has begun informing her relatives of their fued. Meaning that Reed, Regan, Rupert, Gladys and Beck have stated that they have "something" going on the day of the wedding. Ida continues to climb the political ladder and is intent on exposing Charis.

Adia then begins pushing her romance with Harlon so that he will propose. However, when he doesn't she storms off. Reed and Pru begin mending their broken relationship and after talking a walk along the beach one evening they fall in love all over again. Regan and Gal's blossoming romance takes a toll when nosy Kendra begins pushing herself in on the romance. Guy and Karina then get started on having another baby. However, Karina fails to become pregnant.

Gladys then discovers Adia, crying, in her room and proceeds to talk to her to reconcile with Alton and Neve. She then goes to talk to Neve and sees her and Alton kissing, angering her. Charis recieves criticism from Rudy as she begins neglecting Athina. She blows him and her daughter off and continues with her crooked business deals. She then looks over at her assistant, Hunter and it is hinted she is interested in starting yet another affair.

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