Part five begins with the arrival of Pru Lillian to Ribbon Heights. She and Reed shre an awkward reunion. Gladys warmly welcomes her to their home and is excited to have a new daughter-in-law, angering Marnie. Reed promises that he will work hard on their relationship and that he does love her. Pru responds hesitantly with an OK. Just then the polls close and Charis Saunter is announced as the new Mayor of Ribbon Heights.

Carlton and Billie enjoy married life. Billie then revieves an exceptional job offer... out of town. She and Carlton talk about it. They say they will miss their friends but, it is an opportunity not to be passed up and decide to leave. Guy and Karina try to talk and reconcile with Gregg. He accepts their appology and admits he has been easy on Cari and promises to put her on a tighter leasch. Alton then asks Neve if they should live together, she agrees.

Floyd is devestated by the results of the election, Ida, Iris and Gillian do their best to comfort him. Ida then decides the onyl way to get Charis back is on the inside and quits her culinary job for an entry level position at City Hall. Charis then begins accepting the biggest bid for any avilable land in town. Adia then accepts a date with a customer, Harlon DuBois, at the store. Regan then decides to finalyy meet someone as well. Then Carlton and Billie say their goodbyes as they depart. As they leave they vow to return someday.

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