Part four opens with Ida trying to reconcile woth Willa. Willa then tells Ida that she does love her but that with Floyd and the elction they just can't be together, peacefully. Ida then vows revenge against Charis and begins rallying support. Regan tries to get more out of Reed about his marriage. It is revealed his wife's name is Pru. Regan then takes this to the rest of his family. Gladys, Beck and Rupert are shocked whereas Adia is happy for her brother.

Rupert then understands that Reed couldn't criticize Tricia's actions because he, himself also married. Rupert and Reed mend fences and Rupert encourages Reed to make up with Pru and at least have her come to town. Terry is then caught by Karina, for coming home after sneaking out. He is ounished and she goes to see Kendra and together they go to see Gregg and Oliver. Kendra explains that she and Gregg are friends but they need to control the reblious Cari. Gregg, mad, makes them leave.

Charis then returns to the campaign trail and it appears she will win the election. Ida, campaigns hard for her father. Carlton and Billie then decide they don't need a big fancy wedding and throw an impromptu one in Paula's backyard. They are then married. Alton and Neve are seen with Roeper walking in the park as a family. Upon Reed's request he calls Pru and asks her to come to Ribbon Heights, she tells him she will. Then the polls open...

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