Part three opens with Charis and Floyd campaigning hardcore. Charis then goes into labor and gives birth to her daughter, Athina. Due to her now being a mother, her rating sky rocket. However, Floyd counters this effect saying that her newborn daughter will get in the way and he noties how quickly she has re-married after her second husband's death. Despite this, the people continue to favor Charis and Floyd's ranks sink deeply.

Carlton and Billie tell Gregg, Oliver, and Paula about their engagement. Everyone is excited for them. They begin planning immediately. Terry's erratic behaior continues to persist and and Guy and Karina decide to forbid him from seeing Cari Chalk anylonger. Guy then goes to Kendra and talks to her about how Gregg doesn't seem to be setting limits for Cari or Cain. She agrees to talk to him as she is an old friend.

Adia embraces her new single life and gets a job working at the local grocery store. When Alton sees how happy she is he rushes to see Neve where he declares his love for her and tells her that he is ready for them to be together again. They share a kiss. Regan and Reed then spend some time catching up. Regan admits that his personal life is non-existent, just then Reed admits to his brother that he is actually married but he and his wife, are separated.

Ida then goes to see Charis and tell her off. Charis then uses this threat against Floyd on the campaign trail and his rankings are now practically dead. Floyd yells at his daughter and Willa breaks up with her so her life will be less complicated.

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