Part two starts with Ida bringing Willa home to Gillian, Floyd and Iris. She then tells them her secret, she's a lesbian and Willa's her girlfriend. Her family is shocked. Gillian and Iris give their support right away as Floyd leaves the house to soak up this new revelation. Carlton and Billie are finding themselves falling happily in love again. Adia and Reed bond with their new living situation and Regan begins feeling left out when he sees that they, plus Gladys, grow closer. Alton and Neve deal with the fallout from their kiss. They begin spedning alot more time together, with Roeper, as a family. Alton then recieves a shock when they spot the real reason Ambrose came back to town, he's dating Paula!

Charis and Rudy exaluate the status of their relationship and she finds that the required cost of having a bay is expensive and it takes a toll on her expense account. She then hears about Ida's coming out and begins hatching a new plan. Guy and Karina talk to Terry and tell him that he needs to respect them as they are his parents. Terry then tells that he has begun seeing someone and she is the reason he's been staying out so late. He is dating Cari Chalk. Regan tells Rupert about all the bonding going on between Reed, Gladys and Adia and tells them he wants to spend time with him, Marnie and Tabitha. Rupert tells him to go away as he is still mad about Tricia's marriage.

Ida then tells Regan about coming out, he is elated for her. alton confronts Ambrose about his lie. Ambrose states he has just started seeing Paula and that he really did come to town to see Alton. Floyd later finds Ida and gives her his acceptance. However, he then finds himself up for re-election and his opponet is none other that Charis, who has eloped with Rudy! She is using Ida's lesbianism to slander Floyd's "honetsy" campaign. Her plan appears to be working as well. Neve then tells Alton that she has always loved him but was confused for a long time. He tells her he has always loved her too but needs time as he and Adia just broke up. Carlton then asks Billie if she would like to marry him, she accepts.

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