The premiere opnes where the second finale left off. Ida goes to tell her parents her secret, but when she gets there she decides to withhold. She decides that her family needs time to recover from the recent events. Regan agrees with her choice, so long as she tells them. Later Rupert and Regan come to terms with Adia being their sister. Charis finds being pregnant horrible. Rudy attempts to reconcile with her and apologizing for the proposal.

Adia decides she needs to have a new start... in every aspect of life and breaks up with Alton and moves back in with Gladys to get to know her mother better. Alton, heartbroken, takes a walk around town and is shocked when he spots Ambrose. He stops him and asks what he's doing in town. Ambrose tells Alton he's moved back to make up for lost time with him and other things. Guy and Karina beginning having struggles raising a teenage boy as Terry begins rebeling.

Carlton then runs into Billie in town and apologizes for screwing up their relationship. She accepts the appology and proposes they give it another shot, Carlton happily accepts the idea. Upon hearing the news, Reed, returns to town again... this time for good. He also moves back in with Gladys. Gladys is then excited to have her home full with her children again.

Reed then informs Rupert and Marnie that while he and Tricia were seeing the world, she married to a frenchman named Pierre du Gard. Rupert then becomes mad with his brother for not stopping her or calling him. Neve then goes to comfort Alton, and winds up kissing him. Charis, realizing she needs some happiness in her life, reconciles with Rudy. Ida then reveals her secret when she passionately kisses Willa in the middle of the park.

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