The mind-blowing finale, begins with Ida getting ready for the ceremony, onyl to have Regan enetr and ask her one last time to be honest. She tells him to leave. After his exit he recieves a call from Gladys to come to her house. When he arrives he finds his brother, Rupert, father, mother and Adia there. When asked why they are there Gladys breaks into tears as she reveales her secret: she is Adia's mother. During the 2 year leap before she married Beck she and run into Wilbur again and they had a brief affair resulting in the pregnancy. Wilbur told her he loved his new wife but they couldn't get pregnant and Gladys couldn't raise another child. She gave birth to Adia and let Wilbur and his new wife, Petunia raise her as their own.

Ida then prepares to leave for the ceremony, when Lyle arrives with Gillian and Iris in tow. He then reveals his twisted scheme. He was convinced that Gillian was the person who killed his parents. Even though she was never arrested or tired for the fire. He decided that if he couldn't have justice he would get revenge on Floyd so that he would know what it feels like to lose your loved ones. He then reveals his revenge plan was Ida.

Back at Gladys's Adia is shocked at the realization that Gladys is her mother, despite the fact it explains so much. Rupert and Regan then leave, in shock. Gladys then pleads with Beck, saying it was before she and him were ever even involved. Beck, upset, agrees that he does love her and they reconcile. Adia then hugs Gladys and tells her she suspected something was up and it explains her coddling and over-protection of Adia.

Lyle then tells them he planned on getting engaged to Ida, turning Floyd's family against him and then killing them so he would know wht it's like to feel his loss. He then runs outdoors lock the house and sets it on fire with Ida, Iris and Gillian inside. Floyd and Carlton then arrive Carlton then goes to get the fire department. Floyd and Lyle engage in a fight and Floyd manages to get one of the doors open. He and Lyle stumble back into the house as Gillian, Ida and Iris make it out safely. Just as the house is consumed in flames Floyd runs out. Lyle is killed in the fire. Regan, and the police department, then arrive. When he hears everything, he tells Ida now is the best time to tell her secret. She then goes to tell her family...

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