Part nine opens with Floyd, once again, trying to plead his family to believe him. Gillian tells him that if he persists to end Ida's "happiness" she will divorce him, and take Iris. Carlton then talks to her, she claims that Floyd has brainwashed him as Lyle is a nice guy, who has just had some bad luck. He tells her of his assault, but with no proof it was Lyle she rejects his theory. Neve begins dating a scientist, Walt Rite.

Altona and Adia find that living together tests their relationship a great deal. After a fight she decides to go and stay at Gladys's for a while. Gladys begins to almost coddle her, which freightens Adia. Guy talks to Kendra and she apologizes to Terry and calls him her grand-son. She said she only wanted to ensure Karina and Guy's happiness. They reconcile and Kendra promises to be more supportive and be less "hands on."

Ida and Lyle then have a rehersal dinner. Regan pulls Ida aside and demand she come clean and tell her family her secret and Lyle as he deserves to know and she should be honest to herself and her loved ones. She breaksdown and tells him she can't. Adia and Alton have another fight and Gladys tries to comfort her, only to have Adia yell at Gladys. Charis decides to have her baby and tells Rudy who asks if they should get married. She hen breaks up with him.

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