Part eight opens with Paula moving in to her own place. She then goes to talk to Beck and explains that Gladys's secret happened before their marriage and tries to convince them to reconcile. Beck explains it is not that it's that she kept it from him and that she has been allowing it to be quiet for so long. Ida tells Carlton she didn't assault him. He believes her and tells Floyd who is then convinced Lyle tried to kill him, but failed.

Ida is out shopping for a wedding dress when Regan runs into her and tells her she must be honest with Lyle about the engagement and that the fact that she is the first daughter of Ribbon Heights shouldn't make her do something she doesn't want to do. She tells him, she has to. What is it? Regan and Rupert then go to see their mother and aks her why she and Beck separated. She tells them it's private and they wouldn't understand. They leave with no answers.

Charis, now guilt free, begins her whrilwind romance with Rudy openly and freely. However, their constant love affair ends abruptly when she discovers she is pregnant! Adia and Alton decide to move in together. Neve doesn't like it but decides to move on with her life. Guy and Karina return from a visit with Kline and Roberta. Karina then tells Guy he must reconcile with Kendra, for their kids sake. Guy tells her he will talk to her.

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