Part seven opens with Regan informing Floyd that Lyle appears to have a clean record. Floyd become upset and tells Regan that Carlton is on on everything and that Lyle has turned his family against him. However, Floyd then realizes he still has his adoptive sister, Marnie. As he goes to see her he learns that Gillian has already spoken to her and Marnie tells Floyd she thinks he is begin a bit over-bearing.

Neve is happy that like her, Alton is now single and miserable. However, she begins to have second thoughts and thinks about how Alton must have felt when she was with Henri and he was single. She then goes to speak to Adia and explains and the two reconcile. She then tells her to get back together with Alton. Adia goes to see him and the two reconcile. Alton then thanks Neve. Charis, then succumbs to her guilt and gives Rita a quarter of her inheritance.

Floyd's nerves rise again as he learns that Ida and Lyle have set a date for their wedding. Beck becomes annoyed as his mother, Paula Lillian moves back to town. She stays with him and Gladys until she can find a place. He then hears Gladys tell Paula a deep secret that she never told him. This causes him to confront Gladys and asks for separation with him moving out. Carlton then goes to ida and blatently asks if she assaulted him.

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