Part six begins with Floyd interogating Ida. He asks what she was doing the other night and why was she with Regan, when she is supposed to be marrying Lyle. Ida, freightened by her father's behavior, claims "it's complicated." She then tells Gillian about Floyd and how she believes he is beginning to lose his grip on reality. Gillian then confronts Floyd and tells him to move out, until he's together again. Floyd, tries to explain to Gillian, to no avail.

Charis is excited to now be wealthy once again. she wastes no time in re-decorating the Templeton Mansion. She then asks Rudy to come move in with her, he does. Rita then goes to Charis and tells her that un-like her she did love Werner and that they only divorced because he had a straying eye. She explains he provided for her and now she has no source of income. Charis, blows her off and returns to her new happy life with Rudy.

Ambrose, after spending time with his nephew, leaves town. Alton then goes to see Adia, who treats him coldly. She tells him about how he just disappeared. Neve then arrives and the two begin to quarrel. Adia and Neve then give him an ultimatum: Adia or Neve. Alton, chooses Neve as she is the mother of his son. Adia, angry, dumps Alton. She then goes to see Gladys who comforts her and tells her it will be alright.

Floyd, convinced that Lyle is trying to turn his family against him, orders that Regan begin an investigation into Lyle Judd. Regan agrees.

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