Part five begins with Alton returning to Ribbon Heights with Ambrose. Ambrose tells Alton he knew he existed it was just that they never got to see each other. Wendy and Ambrose share an awkward reunion. Wendy asks if he will be staying in town. Ambrose tells her it is not likely. Kendra pleads with Andre to talk to Guy and Karina and beg for forgiveness. Andre then goes to speak to his son and so does Gal. Karina seems to soften on the subject but Guy holds firm.

Floyd, out for a walk, then sees Ida sneaking around and wonders what she could be doing so late at night. He tries to catch up with her but she gets away before he can talk to her. He is then convinced that she is on Lyle's secret. He then goes to see Carlton who he learns was assaulted by an un-known assailant, Floyd then tells him about Ida. Carlton dismisses that she did it as she is his friend. But Floyd believes otherwise.

Adia and Neve then have a confrontation upon their return to town. Adia accuses Neve of using Roeper as a scapegoat to get Alton to share in her misery. Neve then accuses Adia as a gold-digging child who doesn't really love Alton. Charis arrives home from her run to see Rita entering her home. She then fears she will tell Werner. However, as Rita goes to tell Werner she discoveres he has died and Charis inherits everything. Rita then leaves devestated. Floyd then becomes more suspicious when he sees Regan and Ida having dinner together.

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