Part four opens with the funeral of Derek Siddle. Everyone in town attend sthe funeral. Paula Lillian and Ivan Jule also return to town to attend and lend their support to Wendy, Marlo and Alton. Alton falls into a deep depression, Adia tries to cheer him up, to no avail. Alton announces that he now has no one but a step-mother and half-sister and adoptive aunt. Wendy then tells Alton that he has another full blood relative he has never met, Ambrose. Alton becomes upset with Wendy as she and Derek kept Ambrose out of his life for so long. Wendy said it was die to the fact that she had dated Ambrose and their relationship ended badly. Alton storms off to find his uncle and make up for last time.

Reagn also becomes depressed as he was just used as a beard for Willa, who is now seeing someone secretly. Regan decides that he can hurt Willa the way she hurt him, he will find out who her mystery lover is and expose them. He then ebgins following her, using his mad detective skills. Neve drops the custody charges upon heairng of Derek's death. She then decides to go after Alton, leaving Roeper with Gregg and Oliver. When Adia learns of this she too sets off after Alton, intent on beating Neve there. Charis does everything in her power to keep Rita from telling Werner that she saw anything. She then locks all the doors and windows and unplugs the phone and computers. Werner becomes suspicious but Charis tells him it's only so they can have alone time.

Ivan comforts his sister, and tries to reason with her about Alton. Paula visits Gladys and Beck, and Billie. Paula tells Gladys that she has been giving thought to moving back to Ribbon Heights, Gladys supports the idea. Regan when he catches Willa with her secret lover and is shocked at who it is. After a day of failed investiagtion with Floyd Carlton heads home only to be assaulted in the night and beaten. Floyd is then forced to attend a dinner party where Lyle asks Ida to marry him, she seems hesitant but says yes. Kendra then tries with all her might to apologize to Guy and Karina. Guy calls her a manipulative bitch and shuts her out of their lives for good.

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