Part three begins with Lyle informing Ida about Floyd and Carlton's confrontations. Ida then goes to her mother, Gillian, and tells her about Floyd's offer and confrontation. Gillian scolds Floyd and accuses him of saying that no one is good enough for Ida He tries to explain but Gillian decides that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Charis tries to convince Armand and Elsie to stay in town a while longer so she can continue her affair without Rita finding out. It is then revealed that Elsie's mother, Agnes is now deceased. Gladys's motherly instinct becomes too much for Adia and Alton's relationship. Adia politely asks for Gladys to back off, while Gladys insists she must look after her, making Adia suspicious. Another Gladys mystery?

Meanwhile, Regan and Willa have begun dating and though it appears the relationship is going well for Regan, Willa doesn't seem to be that interested. Carlton, still aligned with Floyd, set out to try and discover what Lyle's evil plans are with Ida. They go to Patrice and Paul's grave and the town in which they were living at when they were murdered, they do their best to come up with eveidence. However, they find notihgn other than the arsonist who set the fire was never caught. Floyd then tells Carlton about how he initially though Gillian did it, years ago. Adia then shares her suspiciouns with Alton who says that Gladys is only being protective because Adia reminds Gladys of herself.

Kendra then has lunch with her adoptive grand son, Terry. She warns him that if he breaks Karina and Guy's hearts again she will ensure he never enters their lives again. Terry then goes home, shaken, and tells his parents Guy then goes to see his mother and yells at her. When Andre and Gal learn about the meeting they too are extremely dis-appointed. Kendra apologizes but Guy walks off, steaming mad. Elsie and Armand, and Chet leave town. Charis then has a romp with Rudy upstairs in the guest room, only to have Rita walk in on them. Regan tries to romance Willa only to have her blurt out in the middle of dinner that she is a lesbian and needed Regan to prove it to herself. He is upset and she reveals she is seeing someone, a woman, who is also closeted.

Neve then goes to Alton and tells him that since he is clearly too busy with Adia she is going to try and gain full custody of Roeper, in order to get back at him for being happy. Just then tragedy strikes and Wendy announces that Derek has passed away.

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