The finale opens with Adia arriveing at George's to find Regan beaten and bound. She tells him to let him go. George then confronts Adi and just as he is about to strike her Alton comes in and fights George off. Gladys soon arrives after that. After Regan is freed he demands Adia own up to her past, stop running and tells them her secret. Meanwhile, Guy and Karina can't seem to get a moment alone with their daughter without a neighbor or relative dropping in to see them. Billie and Gal make up, however, Gal breaks up with Carlton as she feels it's the right thing to do. Ida then reveals she has a new beau, Lyle Judd! Floyd's ex-girlfriend's son. He is now an Adult. Floyd suspects that Lyle has an alterior motive though.

Adia then explains and reveals why she has been running. She shockes everyone with the revelation that George is her husband. The "F." stands for Faison. However, she doesn't and has never loved George, she was forced to marry him because her family was in finacial ruin and George's had money. Gladys then tells Adia that she knew her situation all along. Adia asks how. Gladys then reveals she knows Adia's maiden name is Kell, one of Glady's former married names and that Adia is the daughter of her ex-husband Wilbur Kell. Gladys read some time ago that his business was floundering and he had trouble providing for his second wife and daughter (Adia). Gladys then tells Adia about her marriage to Basil and they hug. Regan then takes George away.

Rita, Werner's ex-wife tries to sabotage the wedding. However, Charis tells her she isn't invited to the ceremony and can't ruin the ceremony. Chairs then recieves a wide awakening when all the poeple she thought hated her show up for her wedding to Werner. She and Werner then marry. Guy and Karina decide to take a vacation with Myra so they cna have some alone time. Alton and Adia are seen kissing at the wedding reception and Charis seems to actually be happy, could she actually love Werner? Neve then makes up with her father and tries to get to know Oliver. She then tells Henri she is done with him and that he can tell Alton if he wants to. Carlton then notices Lyle talking on his cell secretly at the reception, stirring his suspicions...

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