Part nine begins with Karina and Guy throwing a party to welcome Myra to the world. Alton and Adia attend as a couple, however Adia is not "totally" there. Gladys and Back also attend with Rupert, Marnie and Tabitha. Gladys assures Adia that she won't let anyhting happen to her. Alton also makes the same promise to her. Guy is shcoked when he learns that Gal is now dating Carlton. Regan skips the party to observe and follow George and find out what his interest in Adia is. When George leaves the premises of his house, Regan breka sin to check things out. Only to have George return early and catch Regan. Regan is then trapped in George's house, alone. Charis then makes a rival, Werner's ex-wife, Rita.

Everyone is shocked when Neve arrives and informs them she and Henri have ended their relationship. When Gregg tries to talk to her she ignores him and claims that he has betrayed Max. Ida arrives with her mother, father and sister. She tells them that she has been giving some thought to moving. Kendra is happy to see her old friends whom she hasn't seen as often as she once did. Derek and Wendy arrive late and bring Marlo and Roeper. George and Regan get into a scuffle whoch the more buff George wins. He then decides to de-tain Regan at his home, for the sake of keeping his secret. Alton, as well as Gladys notice Adia's increasing paranoia at the party. Just then Adia notices something.

Billie becomes jealous when she sees that her best friend Gal is now dating her ex-boyfriend, Carlton and a cat-fight ensues at the party. Guy and Karina then leave their own party early and head home with Myra. Kline and Roberta then arrive in town to see little Myra. Henri then arrives and confronts Neve about dumping him. He tells her that unless he agrees to marry him he'll tell Alton about what she said, she agrees and the engagement is back on. Rupert then asks his mother why she is going all the way to protect someone she doesn't even know, Adia. Gladys responds that she was in Adia's spot years ago, scared and running. Just then Adia realizes that Regan is missing and runs off to find him, with Alton following her and Gladys hot on his heels.

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