Part eight begins with word spreadong fo Charis's gold-digging engagement to Werner Templeton. Alton is happy as he will no longer have to pay Charis alimoony but he struggles with the moral dilema of telling Werner that all she wants is for him to croak and leave everything to her. Neve is secretly happy that she and Henri have to put their impending nuptuals off for a while. Regan and Chastity decide to live together, until Lavender tells her mother she doesn't like Regan, prompting her to break up with Regan. Adia and Alton's relationship siffers due to her increased paranois about George. Gladys then goes to see George on her own and threatens that if he hurts Adia at all he will suffer her wrath.

Guy and Karina then enjoy a nice serene day to themselves, until, Karina goes into labor. They head to the hopital where she gives birth to their daughter, who they name Myra. As promised Kendra is the first to hold her new grand-daughter. When it comes time to pick bridesmaids Charis has a problem as she doesn't have any real friends. She asks Neve, Ida, Billie and Adia only to have them all decline the offer. Alton then goes to the police, Carlton, and reports George's suspicious behavior. Carlton is now brought into the loop about the Adia mystery. Neve then becomes sick and worries she is pregnant. Hwever it is simply a cold. Regan tries to get back in Lavender and Chastity's good graces only to have them reject him.

Carlton and Neve then go to Gregg's home, where they find a small commitment ceremony about to take place. Neve leaves abruptly but Carlton stays and watches as Gregg and Oliver commit to each other, Cari and Cain also attend. Carlton then begins dating someone new, Gal Sharp. Alton decides to tell Werner about Charis only to have him brush him off and tell him how he and Charis are in love with each other. Neve arrives home, distraught to Henri who tells her they should elope. Neve rejects the offer and calls off the engagement, she and Henri then have a fight ending with saying, "I Love Alton!" The fire department is then called as a small fire breaks out in the Lillian's front garden. Gladys then looks to see George, realizing he set it. They exchange glances.

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