Part six begins with Alton finally getting up the courage to ask Adia out. Now, with George in the spotlight as the Mayor's daughter's boyfriend, she agrees and the two have a delightful evening. Gladys, Regan and Beck all recieve a suprise when Reed returns to town for a visit. He tells them he is only stopping by and that Tricia is still traveling and he will catch up with her.

Carlton tries to recover from his break-up with Billie, but has little success with the ladies. Neve, Henri and Roeper then have dinner with her father, Gregg, and meet his new beau and old flame Oliver. Gregg then tells Neve that he loves Oliver, Neve expresses her dis-regard towards him as she feels he would be betraying the late Max. Gregg explains that Carlton, Cari and Cain all like Oliver.

Ida then begins to notice George's bad temper when they are at a political dinner at the social club and Floyd mentions marriage. She then breaks up with him, only he then pushes her. Meanwhile, Charis begins a new romance with an elderly wealthy sim, Werner Templeton. Guy then goes to Kendra when he fears that making ends meet will cause him to develop a caffiene addiction like her. She then decides to help out, by giving them some money.

Adia and Alton then share a passionate kiss, as George watches...

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