Part five begins with Adia going to Ida's to warn her about George. However, he warning falls on deaf ears. Ida asks her what is so bad about George. Adia keeps her mouth shut as she fears to reveal the truth about her past, Alton watches from afar. Regan confronts Gladys about how he feels "replaced" now that Adia is living with her and Beck. Gladys says she is only watching out for Adia, she then tells Regan that Adia is hiding something. Carlton and Billie continue dating, however, he endures a painful evening of questioning when Billie forces him to have dinner with her mother, Paula Lillian. After the evening ends Carlton painfully ends his and Billie's relationship.

Adia then goes to see the source of her woes, George. She confronts him and tells him to leave Ida alone. George appears to be a bit confrontational again and shoves Adia. Then Alton, who was of course watching from a distance, jumps in and fends George off of Adia. Neve then notices the scuffle when she hears the noises and rushes to the scene. She sees Alton defending Adia and she then realizes that Alton must have feelings for Adia. She runs off and then bumps into Charis, her enemy. Charis tells Neve she'll never have Alton as he is in love with Adia now. She then tells Neve she is stuck with Henri and should have accepted Alton's offer to marry her 3 years ago. Neve runs off.

Beck Lillian then goes and confronts Carlton about breaking his sister's heart. Carlton apologizes but says he didn't see a future with Billie. Beck tells him to stay away from Billie form now on. Karina finds pregnancy to be a struggle and draining on her energy. Guy then finds himself working more and more to raise money for their growing family. Regan then goes to see Adia and tell her that if she needs anyhting she can come to him, she then leaves upset telling everyone to leave her alone. Ida becomes upset when she is thrown back into the lime-light as Floyd becomes Mayor once again. However, this plays in Adia's favor as George is Ida's boyfriend he can't act out at her without causing a scandal.

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