Part four opens with Gladys making herself, Adia and Beck brekfast. George arrives and asks to see Adia, Gladys denies him access. Charis and Alton continue to probe Adia's mystery. Carlton tells Billie that they can move in together, just not yet as he feels it is too soon. Billie agrees and the two share a kiss. Regan and Chastity continue dating as well, she then introduces him to her daughter, Lavender.

Guy and Karina then throw a party and invite all their friends (Regan, Carlton, Neve, Alton, Billie, Ida, Adia, Gal and even Charis) over to announce that they are pregnant! However, Kendra becomes upset when she learns that Guy had not told her first. She is even more hurt when She learns that Kline and Roberta knew before her. Guy apologizes and the two make up, with him promising she'll be the first to hold the baby.

Neve then goes to see Alton again and drop Roeper off for the weekend, she hen discovers Charis and Alton investigating again. She goes home to Henri, who tells her he would like to have a baby with her, she is shocked. Charis then notices how Alton is much more into solving the mystery than her, she then deduces that Alton has feelings for Adia. Adia then makes another horrific discovery, she spots George on a date with Ida!

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