Part three opens with the arrival of George F. to town. He is a new and peculiar character who is looking for something, or someone. Regan quickly begins seeing Chastity Dert, a co-worker and single mother. Ivan Jule and Haleigh arrive in town for the funeral of Abbigail Jule, Ivan and Wendy's mother. Alton and Marlo also attend the service as does Derek. Ida is then put in a compromising situation as her father tells her he is thinking of going back into politics. Ida reminds Floyd how his political aspiration broke their family apart once. Charis and Alton then team up again, despite their divorce, to investigate Adia's mystery. They quickly discover that George has arrived in town looking for Adia.

Guy and Karina then decide to talk about having kids biologically. Karina says she is willing if Guy is. They then decide to get started on having the family they've been missing the last 10 years. Billie begins taking things a little too fast for Carlton, when she asks if they should live together. He accepts the offer, hesitantly. Adia is scared upon George's arrival in town and is visibly shooken. Gladys comes to her rescue when she spots the two in private. She tells Adia to come with her, she does and escapes safely. Gladys then offers for Adia to stay with her and Beck as the boys are gone now and they have room, Adia accepts the offer.

When Alton and Charis hear of Adia's moving in with Gladys they suspect Gladys knows the secret or is in on it. Neve notices Alton spying and confronts him about how immoral it is. He brushes her off and snaps back with a snide remark about Henri. Neve storms off but runs into her cousin, Carlton, who asks for her advice. She tells him to do what feels right. When he asks her why, she tells that she mad a mistake years ago where she didn't accept an offer she was given out of fear, then she looks over the hill at Alton. Guy and Karina then tell Kendra and Andre about their family plans, they are elated. Adia's nerves calm down when she believes George has left Ribbon Heights, she then looks on in horror as he buys a house and moves in.

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