Part two begins with Neve rejecting Henri's proposal. However, she tells him that she loves him, but just isn't ready to get married yet. Henri understands. Gladys lures Adia to the social club, where she tells her that she knows she is running from something. Gladys then tells Adia that if she ver needs anything to come see her and she will do what she can to help her. Adia thanks her then leave sin a rush.

Alton, notices Charis's interest in Adia and confronts her about it. Charis coldly remakrs that she is simply curious about her new neighbor. Alton accuses her of having an alterioir motive, she denies. Ida begins her job as a chef and quickly finds the real world demanding and not all that fun. Guy and Karina then have dinner with Kendra, Andre and Gal. Kendra once again asks about them having children. Karina then breaks down in tears. Guy reveals that he and Karina had actually adopted a child, but it's biological parents took him back.

Carlton then begins seeing someone, Billie, Back's little sister. They appear to be attracted to each other. Their first date ends with a kiss. Kendra suggests that Guy and Karina have their OWN children, Guy shrilly tells her to drop it. Meanwhile, Gregg runs into an old face, Oliver, his ex-fling from years past. Chairs then reaches out to Adia, claims to be her friend, and asks her what is wrong. Adia backs off and leaves. Derek and Wendy then alert Ivan, as their mother Abbigail has died.

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