The series premiere opens 10 years after the end of the original series. Guy Sharp and Karina Sharp have just returned to Ribbon Heights. Now adults they decide to remian there. However, they have yet to have any children. Alton Siddle and Neve Lord-Chalk have had their child, a son, Roeper. However, they are not together. Neve is datin the nobleman, Henri Duex, whom Alton loathes.

It is revealed that Alton and Charis Onassiser were married, but their union ended in divorce. Just them a new-comer arrives in town, Adia Faison. She is young and clearly frzzled. It is obvious she is running from something. Regan Lillian has just recently become a young adult himself. His twin brother, Reed, has left town to explore the world. Ida is now a young adult, and beginning her career. She is single, and hating it.

Carlton Chalk, Neve's cousin, is also a young adult and starting his life. He too is single and hating it. Upon their return to the neighborhood, Kendra Sharp and Andre Sharp, throw a party for Karina and Guy. It is here where everyone reunites after years. Adia is welcomed into the group but suspicions arise when she leaves early and abruptly. Rupert and Marnie are still married and raising their daugters.

Gladys Telfair and Beck Lillian are still together. Derek Siddle and Wendy Siddle are now caring for her soon to be deceased mother, Abbigail. Gregg Chalk is raising Cari, a teenager and Cain, a child. It is revealed that Max Lord is now deceased. Floyd Rebuff and Gillian Rebuff are still married and raising a child age Iris. Kendra quickly pushes for Guy and Karina to have kids as Gal has just become a young adult.

Karina tells Kendra, coldly, to back off. Hinting something happened during their time away. Alton then goes to see Adia, only to have her demand that he leave, NOW. Charis, is quickly established as the series villian, she then begins to inquire what Adia is hiding and wondering if it is something simoleon worthy. Part one ends with Henri asking Nev to marry him.

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