Ribbion Heights 2.0 is the second series in the Ribbon Heights, and will most likely be the last. It will take place ten years following the end of the original series. Some of the Main characters will return. However, their children will now become the featured characters as well as new characters.

Main Characters

Name Duration
Alton Siddle 1.01-7.05
Guy Sharp 1.01-5.10
6.03-6.09; 7.05
Karina Sharp 1.01-5.10
6.03-6.09; 7.05
Neve Siddle 1.01-7.05
Regan Lillian 1.01-7.05
Vera Likasu 5.05-7.05
Ida Rebuff 1.01-6.04
Carlton Chalk 1.01-3.05; 5.02
Reed Lillian 3.01-7.05
Adia DuBois 1.01-5.03
Charis Saunter 1.01-7.05
Gladys Lillian 1.01-4.10

Recurring Characters

Name Duration
Beck Lillian 1.01-Present
Rupert Urschel 1.01-Present
Wendy Siddle 1.01-Present
Kendra Sharp 1.01-Present
Billie Chalk 1.01-3.05; 5.02
Gal Sharp 1.01-Present

Story Sets

Each set will consist of 10 parts and, for the most part, will revolve around a mystery.

Set 1

Set 1's mystery revolves around new comer, Adia Faison and her past.

Set 2

Set 2's mystery deals with Lyle Judd, Ida's new beau and Floyd's ex's son.

Set 3

Set 3 has no central mystery but has small story arcs.

Set 4

Set 4's mystery revolves around Tricia's return and her mysterious husband, Pierre du Gard.

Set 5

Set 5 has no special mystery. There is a small story arc about Vera Castaway.

Set 6

Set 6's main mystery revolves around Charis's new beau, Chip Hallworthy.

Set 7

Set 7 has no central mystery. It is the final set in 2.0. It only has 5 parts.

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