The finale opens with Gladys trapped in Gillian's home becoming more and more nervous, as she begins talking disturbingly. Gladys then rushes out of the house and runs into Floyd who then infiltrates Gillian's home to confront her once and for all. Paula and Billie say their goodbyes as they head back home elsewhere. Gregg and Max then decide to hold funerals for their four children, when they are suddenly returned to them by the police who caught them with Ron, who is back in custody. Their happy family is reunited. Gladys then rushes home to Beck and tells him what is going on at Gillian's they then call the police. Derek and Wendy say goodbye as Alton moves out of their home and.... NEXT DOOR!

Floyd then confronts Gillian about everything. She tells him for the last time that she had nothing to do with Patrice and Paul Judd's deaths. Floyd accuses of killing them because he once loved Patrice. Gillian then tells him that she could never kill and that while she was away, yes, she was talked to by her mother who tried to turn her against Floyd. However, Gillian's love for Floyd was always stronger than her insane trait impulses. When Cybill died, that was when Gillian found out from Floyd about his affair with Addie and their impending divorce. She then breaksdown and proclaims that she has and will always love Floyd and then she reveals she has had a mid-life crisis and that her insane trait was replaced with the good trait. Meaning she was cured all this time.

Floyd is then shocked and the police arrive to take Gillian away when Floyd tells them she has done nothing wrong. He then embraces Gillian and appologizes for everything and tells her he loves her. Gillian responds with an "I know." And they are reunited. They then tell the rest of the neighborhood about everything that has happened. Gillian explains the reason she acted so "comatose" was because she refused to let the sight of Floyd and Addie phase her. The friends then re-connect and have a big party. Derek and Wendy are now happily married. Gillian and Floyd re-marry. Gregg and Max are a family re-united. Kendra and Andre ane now stabelized. Gladys and Beck are age-in-different but happy. However, as they come to the end of their adult age one of the friends (female) discovers she's pregnant.

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