Part nine begins with Floyd telling Gladys and Derek that his plan failed as Gillian appears to have no interest in renewing their relationship. Her disgust at his kiss though, seems to prove his theory that all she has for him is utter disdain. Gladys tells Floyd that she will talk to her when she gets the time and will see if she can get anything out of her. Derek says that he and Gillian ahve never beenr eally that close but he will try. Paula, in the mean time, begins spending alot of time with Wendy, to make up for their hostile past. They actually become good friends. She spends time with her adoptive grand-sons, Reed and Regan. Bille also enjoys seeing her family reunited.

Gregg and Max alert the neghborhood of their missing children and tell everyone to be on the look out for Ron, who kidnapped them. Derek then attempts to talk to Gillian and discovers that her and Floyd's divorce took a greater toll on her than originally thought. She says she never felt so betrayed and alone in her entire life. Derek comforts her and tells Floyd that he believes she is telling the truth and hiding nothing. Floyd believes that she is meerly acting. Kendra forms a search party for Gregg and Max's kids. However, their efforts turn up no results. Gregg suggests that maybe he and Max should give up and accept their children's fates to which Max coldly replies no.

Just then two other old faces arrive in town for a short visit, Ivan and Haleigh Jule. Haleigh reveals that her son, Armand, and Elsie had a son whom they named, Chet. They join in the search party before leaving. Ivan also briefly stops by to see his sister and his niece Marlo. They share a hug and he and Haleigh depart on their way to see Chet. Gladys then goes to talk to Gillian. The two quickly renew their friendship and for a moment Gladys finds Gillian to be as normal as ever. However, Gillian then begins speaking about how she thinks anyone who was ever associated with Floyd should "go away" like Patrice. Gladys then becomes worried as she finds herself trapped in Gillian's home...

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