Part seven opens with the birthday party of Alton Siddle. When he learns that his step-mother had nothing to do with the planning, instead of thinking she wanted him gone, he now thinks that she doesn't care about him. Wendy is further upset by this as well. Floyd manages to get a hold of Addie and make sure she is OK. Gillian then resurfaces in town. Floyd tells her about the fire that killed Patrice and Paul. Gillian isn't even phased by the information at all, to Floyd's horror. Gregg and Max then decide to fire Roberta as they feel they no longer need her services. She is then left homeless and alone, until Kline asks her to marry him. She happily accepts.

Floyd goes to Gladys and share with her is feelings and ideas about Gillian and that she is no longer sane. Gladys is shocked and begins to go along with Floyd's thinking. Floyd and Gladys then travel to meet up with Lyle Judd, Patrice and Paul's son. They are even more alarmed when they learn that the fire WAS an act of arson. Now believing that Gillian is trying to hrt those around him he, alogn with Gladys rush back to town and he ensures that Ida is all right. Kendra and Andre attempt to nurse Guy's broken heart, but he tells them that he plans on proposing to Karina again at Kline and Roberta's wedding. Kendra tells him that if it is not meant to be, then it isn't meant to be, but he can try if he really wants.

A small and intimate wedding is then thrown together for Kline and Roberta. They marry, Derek remakrs that it is what May would have wanted. Rupert is happy for his uncle. He and Marnie then annouce that they are pregnant again. Wendy then has a heart to heart with her step-son. She tells Alton that she loves him with all her heart and she was afraid that if she had planned his party he would have felt that she wanted him out of the house. He appologizes and tells her that he has decided to move out regardless. However, he will stay in town. Floyd then goes to see Gillian and tells her he knows everything. Gillian appears confused and he accuses her of killing Patrice and Paul. She denies it. Floyd finds it difficult to NOT believe his true love.

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