Part six begins with Gladys throwing a welcome back party at the social club (which she is now in charge of) for Rupert, Marnie and Tricia. The party goes well and Kline and Roberta continue to grow closer. Gregg and Max decide that Neve was right and they should be raising the kids and not some nanny. However, instead of firing Roberta they lower her to only working part-time. Addie then confronts Floyd again about Gillian. She demands that he expell Gillian from their lives now or else she will leave him. To her amazement, Floyd, asks for the divorce. Addie then leaves, for good. Kendra begins to reconsider Guy's choice and sees that he still harbors feelings for Karina, she encourages him to reconcile with her.

Then another old face returns to town for a brief visit, Agnes. It is revealed that she and Ambrose have divorced as Esther's death took a huge toll on their marriage. She informs everyone that Elsie and Armand are expecting their first child. Derek and Wendy then begin planning Alton's birthday party as he will be aging into a young adult soon. Wendy is nervous that he may see it as a ploy to get Alton out of the house, Derek reassures her that Alton now sees her as his mother. Floyd, now single, goes to Gillian and tells her to tell him what happened to her while she was away. He appologizes fir the affair with Addie, the divorce and the re-marriage. However, she continues and tells him nothing.

Agnes then departs town as she was only passing through on her way to be there for the arrival of her grand-child. Guy then proposes marriage to Karina, who rejects his proposal. Floyd is even more startled when he reads that a family was killed by being trapped in their burning home. It is revealed that the family was Patrice and her husband Paul Judd, Floyd's ex-grilfriend. Lyle survived as he moved out. Floyd belives that Gillian might be heind the murder and becomes increasingly worried when he can't get a hold of his now ex-wife Addie and Gillian is no where to be found. Gregg and Max then arrive home to find the place in chaos. However, they embrace their new life as the parents of four children.

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