Part five begins with Floyd once again snooping around Gillian's house only to have her discover him. He is afraid and confused as she instead of scolding him, invites him in for brekfast, he says he needs to get to a meeting. Kendra and Andre do what they can to try and make it up to Guy, only to have him rejects every single one of their attempts to reconcile with him. Until, Gal talks to him. She tells him that they are only looking out for him and that really they con't stop him from getting married and at first their grand-mother Ruth opposed Kendra's engagement's. Guy tells his sister, he'll think it over. Kline asks Roberta out and she happily accepts but her work progress begins to fall, upsetting Gregg, but pleasing Neve.

With only little time left until all the friends age into Elders, Beck makes his interest known to have a child with Gladys, to her complete and utter dis-may. She tells him that she could have a child but that she doesn't want another kid and three is more than enough. Beck agrees as Reed and Regan are legally his now but he fears Wilbur may re-surface and claim them as his own. Gladys then informs him that Wilbur has re-married and had a daughter with his new wife. Alton has now become an ideal step-son and is treating Wendy with the respect she deserves. Gregg confronts Roberta on how her social life is getting in the way of her work. Never then yells at her father and tells him that he and Max need to start raising the kids and not a nanny.

Guy and his parents reconcile. He then tells them he does not intend to resume dating or propose to Karina, he admits he is a bit too young. Addie then learns from Ida that Floyd was at Gillian's and confronts him about it. She declares that he needs to get rid of her or she will as she won't have her breaking up their marriage. Floyd then brushes her off, to Addie's shock. Rupert and Marnie, with Tricia in tow, return to town for a visit. Rupert visits with his mother, brothers and new step-father. Marnie then visits with her brother's, Derek and Floyd, and then meets her niece, Marlo, for the first time. She informs them that she and Rupert are moving back as he recieved a job transfer.

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