Part three begins with Kline tellign everyone that he and Karina came back because Karina wanted to see the old town before she becomes a young adul which will be in a matter of days. Kendra then returns home and is shcoked when she learns that Guy has moved out. She later goes to his new place and demands he move back home only for him to tell her no. She then returns and tells Andre about it, who could care less. Gladys and Beck take the boys to the park, they recieve alot of awkward stares due to their in-difference in age. Beck then tells Gladys he will love her no matter how old or young she is. Kendra's world then collapses in on her when she recieves word from Eli that Ruth has died.

Derek tells Wendy that like Alton he doesn't want another child and that two is enough. He then talks to Alton about hwy he didn't want a new sibling, Alton responds with the feeling that he would be "pushed out" Derek tells him if push came to shove he would choose Alton and Marlo over Wendy. Floyd goes and tries to talk to Gillian and to see fi everything is allright only to have her respond with a half-hearted "I'm fine." He is convinced it is all an act and that she is either hiding or planning something. He then asks Ida to look into when she is at her mother's Ida agrees. A funeral is heald for Ruth, everyone attends. Karina then ages into a young adult.

Kendra then tells Andre that he is the love of her life and now she needs him, she is sorry for everything that went down between her and Ilyse, but that if he won't be her husband than she will find someone who will be there for her. Andre then comes out of his depression and comforts Kendra. Together they go over to Guy's house and tell him they want him to move back in, only to discover him making out with Karina! Gregg and Max then decide to build a bigger house with room for everyone. They then decide to hire a nanny who will live with them, Roberta Dally. She is greta with the kids and gives Gregg and Max time to relax. It is then obvious that she is a new love-interst for Kline.

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